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Plaza del Torico

The Plaza del Torico is the central square of the city of Teruel, which is considered its heart and symbol. The name of the square comes from a small sculpture of a bull, which is located at the top of a column with a fountain, which adorns the center of the square. This bull is associated with the legend of the founding of the city, which says that King Alfonso II followed a bull, which stopped under a star, indicating the place where the settlement should be built.

The square is oval in shape and is surrounded by beautiful buildings from different eras and styles, such as Casa El Torico, Casa Ferrán, Casa La Madrileña, and Casa La Marquesa. The square is also a place of meetings and events, such as the fiesta de la Vaquilla, fiesta de los Amantes, and fiesta del Jamón.

This square has its origins in the Middle Ages when it was the market and administrative place of the city. In the 16th century, the square was ordered and paved, and in the 18th century, a fountain with a bull was built, which replaced the earlier well. In the 19th century, the square was lit and decorated with lanterns and trees. In the 20th century, the square was modernized and beautified, and in 2007, it underwent a thorough renovation, which gave it a new look and functionality.

As part of this renovation, the square was covered with large cubes with light lines, which create spectacular patterns and lighting. On the square, there are also elements related to the history and culture of Teruel, such as the high relief with the lovers of Teruel, aljibe Fondero and Somero, or Arca Secreta.

So, this square is a square with a rich history and charm, which is worth visiting during your stay in Teruel. This square is a place where you can admire beautiful architecture, learn about legends and traditions, and also enjoy the atmosphere and life of the city.

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