How to cook barley porridge – barley porridge with chicken liver



Lunch for 3 people.


barley groats 200 grams
chicken liver 250 grams
1 larger onion


The groats should be poured into a strainer and rinsed. Then pour water into the pot and add salt (remembering that the water has to be twice as much as groats, two glasses of water for a glass of groats). You can add a little butter or oil to the water as an option. When the water starts to boil, pour the grits, reduce the heat and cook for about 8-10 minutes. After this time, remove from heat, wrap the pot with a lid with a towel and leave it for two hours.

We cut the onion into crescents and fry. When the onion is browned, add the liver, fry, covered, and turn it over after about five minutes. In total, stew the liver for 10-12 minutes.
We prepare buckwheat or millet in the same way.

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