While in Valencia, it is worth spending one day visiting the Oceanarium (Oceanografic Valencia) and the Technical Museum (Museu de les ciencies Princep Felipe). The cost of a normal ticket to the oceanarium is EUR 33.70 I think it is worth buying a ticket to the oceanarium + technology museum price: EUR 35.20, discounted is EUR 25 y oceanarium + museum 26.30, the cost of the parking is 2.30 per hour, but no problem you can find a free parking space nearby (400-500 meters). The oceanarium opens at 10 a.m. and it is best to start sightseeing at this time so that you can see everything in time. On the information map that we will get when buying a ticket, we will have the times of the performances given. It is worth coming to the dolphin show a little earlier so that you have the right place. Visiting the aquarium will take us several hours, then we can go to the mousse of technology. The distance between the museum and the aquarium is about 300 m. Pleasant sightseeing and I invite you to see my photo gallery. Comments are welcome.

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