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Fiesta de los Amantes

Fiesta de los Amantes is a festival of love that takes place every year in Teruel, in Aragon. It is one of the most romantic and touching cultural and folk events in the region, based on a true legend of the unfortunate love between two young people, Isabel de Segura and Diego de Marcilla, known as Los Amantes de Teruel. Fiesta de los Amantes is organized by the Los Amantes de Teruel Foundation and aims to commemorate and honor this beautiful and tragic story that has touched people’s hearts for centuries.

Fiesta de los Amantes usually takes place on the second or third weekend of February and lasts four days. During this time in Teruel, you can participate in various activities and attractions related to the legend, such as:

  • Representación de las Bodas de Isabel: This is the main and most spectacular activity of the fiesta, in which over 400 amateur actors participate in the live reconstruction of scenes from the legend in various places in the city. Representación de las Bodas de Isabel is divided into four parts: La Partida de Diego, El Anuncio de la Boda, La Muerte de los Amantes, and La Oda a los Amantes. Each part is full of emotion, drama, and beauty, and the audience can feel like witnesses to this unforgettable story.
  • Mercado Medieval: This is the second and most crowded activity of the fiesta, where the entire city center turns into a huge medieval market, full of stalls, workshops, shows, and animations. At the Mercado Medieval, you can find and buy various craft, gastronomic, artistic, and cultural products, as well as have fun and learn about the life and customs of people from the Middle Ages.
  • Visita al Mausoleo de los Amantes: This is the third and most touching activity of the fiesta, where you can visit the mausoleum where the remains of Los Amantes de Teruel rest. The mausoleum is located next to the San Pedro church and is the work of sculptor Juan de Ávalos. In the mausoleum, you can admire the beautiful sculpture depicting Los Amantes, as well as see their original sarcophagi and learn more about their history and legend thanks to audiovisual and interactive exhibits.
  • Other activities: In addition to the main activities, Fiesta de los Amantes also offers other proposals and attractions for visitors, such as concerts, shows, games, or exhibitions. Some of them are: a Sephardic music concert, a street art show, a game in search of Los Amantes, a photography exhibition about Teruel, or a meeting with authors of books about Los Amantes.

Teruel is a city full of history, culture, and charm, which deserves to be discovered and admired. In this guide, we have presented some of the most important and interesting places and events that you can see and experience during your stay in Teruel. We hope that this guide has helped you plan and organize your trip, as well as encouraged you to get to know and appreciate this extraordinary city.

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