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Tower of Lady Uraca in Soria

The Torre de dona Uraca is a tower located on Plaza Major in Soria, next to Palacio de la Audiencia. It is a remnant of a former palace of the Beteta or Sorovega family, which was built in the 16th century. This tower is also known as Torre de los Beteta or Torre de Suero de la Vega, from the surnames of its owners. However, it is popularly called Torre de dona Uraca, because of a legend that says that in this tower Queen Urraca I of León, daughter of Alfonso VI, was imprisoned. This legend, however, has no historical basis, as the tower is much later than the queen’s life.

The tower is rectangular in shape and is built of stone and brick. It has four floors, each with two windows with stone frames. On the top floor, there is a balcony with wrought iron railings. At the top of the tower, there is an attic with finials and the coat of arms of the Beteta family.

The tower is connected to the Palacio de la Audiencia building by a corridor that passes over the street. Inside the tower, there are rooms and halls that served as a residence and office for the owners of the palace. The tower is open to visitors during the opening hours of Palacio de la Audiencia, and admission is free. It is certainly one of the places worth visiting to learn about the history and culture of Soria. It is a tower that combines legend and reality, and which is a symbol of the city and its inhabitants.

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