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Fountain of the Lions in Soria

The Fuente de los Leones is a fountain with four stone lions, located in the middle of Plaza Mayor. It is one of the symbols and attractions of the city, which has an interesting history and significance. The fountain was built in 1861, at the initiative of the city council, which wanted to beautify and decorate the square. The lions symbolize the strength and dignity of the city, and also refer to the coat of arms.

The fountain has a simple and elegant shape, consisting of four parts: the base, the pedestal, the bowl, and the lions. The base is square and made of granite. The pedestal is round and made of sandstone. On the pedestal, there is an inscription with the date of the fountain’s construction and the city’s coat of arms.

The bowl is also round and made of sandstone. From it, water flows to two surtidors, which are placed on the sides of the bowl. The lions are made of bronze and have a naturalistic appearance. Each of them holds in its mouth a shield with the coat of arms of one of the four provinces that made up old Castile: Burgos, León, Palencia, and Soria.

It is a place of meetings and celebrations of important events for the inhabitants of Soria, such as the fiesta de San Juan, Semana Santa, or Año Nuevo. During these holidays, the fountain is decorated with flowers, flags, lights, and other elements. The fountain is also a place where you can make wishes, by throwing a coin into the water or touching the nose of a lion.

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