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Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island is located just 20 km south of the port of Alicante and is the only inhabited island in the region. This small island, with its beaches, coves, restaurants, nature, historic buildings, small traditional town, and shops, is part of the city of Alicante.

Tabarca is a place of exceptional natural value, as it is one of the few marine nature reserves in Spain with an explosion of marine plants and fish species in the area. The island offers not only beautiful beaches and coves but also many places filled with ancient history. A trip to Tabarca Island is a real adventure. You can get there by ferry or fast motorboat from Alicante, which is an unforgettable experience.

The island deserves a day trip to enjoy its cozy charm. Your day will be filled with a mix of adventures – you will have to travel by ferry or fast motorboat, enjoy high-quality traditional cuisine, beautiful beaches and coves, and walk through places filled with ancient history.

The island has the ruins of a fort, a still-functioning lighthouse, and a cemetery. The western part of the island is a smaller inhabited part, with a church and urban development. Despite its small size, there are numerous restaurants here that serve mainly seafood and fish dishes. Tabarca is permanently inhabited by about 70 people. There are no cars on the island, which adds to its charm.

After exploring the island, it is worth stopping by the local restaurants for lunch, where mainly seafood and fish are served. Tabarca Island has charmed us with its simplicity. I highly recommend this place for everyone. For those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city, but also for those who want to discover a slightly different side of Spain.

Central Market

Mercado Central, or the Central Market in Alicante, is the true heart of this city. It is located in a historic building on Avenida de Alfonso el Sabio, right next to the main attractions of Alicante.

The Mercado Central building is a true work of art. It was designed by Francisco Fajardo Guardiola in 1915 and completed by Juan Vidala Ramosa in 1922. The building’s architecture is eclectic, with elements of Valencian modernism. The building is rectangular in shape, except for one corner, where there is a rotunda with a semi-circular roof.

The most characteristic feature of the building is its facade facing Avenida de Alfonso el Sabio, which is accessed by a large staircase. Inside Mercado Central is a true paradise for food lovers. With 292 stalls on two floors, the market offers a wide selection of products, from fresh fruits and vegetables, to meat and fish, to local delicacies and specialties. Each stall is a small shop, run by local vendors who proudly offer their products.

Visiting Mercado Central is not only an opportunity to shop, but also a cultural experience. You can feel the authentic atmosphere of a Spanish city, see how the people of Alicante do their daily shopping, and try local cuisine. Many stalls offer ready-made dishes that you can eat on the spot or take away.

Mercado Central is a place that combines tradition with modernity. Although the building is almost a hundred years old, it is still full of life and activity. Various events are regularly held here, such as fairs, exhibitions, and culinary shows.

In summary, Mercado Central in Alicante is a place that every tourist should visit. It is not only a place for shopping, but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and try authentic Spanish cuisine. Whether you are a food lover or just want to feel the atmosphere of a real Spanish city.

Address: Avenida de Alfonso X ‘El Sabio’ 10, 03004, Alicante, Spain.

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