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Museo del Juguete

The Museo del Juguete is a museum dedicated to the history and culture of toys, located in the town of Albarracín, in the province of Teruel. This museum was founded in 2003 by the Eustaquio Castellano Foundation, which has collected over 1000 toys from different eras and countries, from the end of the 19th century to the end of the 20th century.

This museum offers its visitors an unforgettable experience that allows them to discover what children from previous generations were like and how they played, as well as to understand the evolution and significance of toys for personal and social development.

This museum consists of three floors, on which there are various thematic rooms, where you can admire toys related to various aspects of life and culture, such as transport, communication, education, sports, music, or art. Among the toys, you can find such curiosities as the first porcelain dolls, the first tin cars, the first board games, or the first Lego bricks. In the museum, you can also see toys from different parts of the world, such as dolls from Japan, bears from Germany, or lions from Africa. All toys are carefully described and placed in the appropriate historical and cultural context.

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