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Fiesta de jamón

Fiesta de jamón is a ham festival that takes place every year in Teruel, in Aragon. It is one of the most important gastronomic and cultural events in the region, promoting and celebrating the quality and taste of ham with the designation of origin Jamón de Teruel. Fiesta de jamón is organized by the Regulatory Council of Jamón de Teruel and aims to increase the consumption and sales of this product, as well as to strengthen the ties between producers, traders, and consumers.

Fiesta de jamón usually takes place in mid-September and lasts four days. During this time in Teruel, you can participate in various activities and attractions related to ham, such as:

    • Ham Quality Contest: This is the first and most important activity of the fiesta, in which the best ham producers from Teruel participate. The contest involves evaluating and scoring ham in terms of taste, smell, color, texture, and fat by a jury composed of experts and consumers. The winners of the contest receive prizes and quality certificates, which confirm their prestige and reputation.
    • Túnel del sabor: This is the second and most popular activity of the fiesta, where the audience can taste and rate hams and palettes that participated in the quality contest. Túnel del sabor is organized in the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Teruel and has a limited number of places. Tickets for this activity can be purchased online or on-site. The ham tasting is complemented by other local products, such as wine, cheese, or olive oil.

    • Mercado de productos agroalimentarios: This is the third and newest activity of the fiesta, which was introduced in 2023. It is a food product market from Teruel and its surroundings, which takes place in Glorieta. At the market, you can find and buy various local products, such as oil, truffles, wine, pasta, cold cuts, cheese, peaches, etc. The market is also a place for meetings and exchange of experiences between producers, traders, and consumers.
    • Taberna del jamón: This is the fourth and most entertaining activity of the fiesta, which involves tasting ham in the company of music and dance. Taberna del jamón is located in Glorieta and is open throughout the duration of the fiesta. In the tavern, you can try different types of ham from Teruel, as well as other snacks and drinks. In the tavern, you can also admire artistic performances, such as dance shows, concerts, or cabarets.

  • Other activities: In addition to the main activities, fiesta de jamón also offers other proposals and attractions for visitors, such as workshops, shows, games, or exhibitions. Some of them are: ham cutting workshop, cooking show with ham, ham searching game, ham photography exhibition, or business meeting between jamoneros and charcuteros.

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