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Castillo de Peracense

The Castillo de Peracense is an impressive fortress located in the town of Peracense, in the province of Teruel. It is one of the most original and best-preserved castles in Aragon, as well as one of the most interesting monuments of historical and landscape significance in Teruel. This castle stands out for its characteristic red color, which comes from the rodeno rock on which it is built. This castle is recognized as a Cultural Heritage (Bien de Interés Cultural) and is part of the Chopo Cabecero del Alto Alfambra Cultural Park, an area protected for its cultural and natural value.

This castle has its origins in the Bronze Age when there was an Iberian settlement called Peracense here. Later, under Roman rule, this place was known as Turba. In Muslim times, the castle was a small fortress that defended access to the Alfambra river valley. In 1171, the castle was conquered by the King of Aragon, Alfonso II, who granted it a fuero, a legal and tax privilege. In 1284, the castle passed into the hands of King Peter III, who subordinated it to the Crown of Aragon.

In the 15th century, the castle was part of the defensive system against Castilian and Carlist attacks. In the 16th century, the castle was remodeled and strengthened by Philip II, who made it one of the most powerful fortresses in the region. In the 18th century, the castle lost its military function and was abandoned. In the 20th century, the castle was restored and opened to visitors.

The castle consists of three defensive ensembles, which adapt to the unevenness of the terrain: the upper castle, the middle castle, and the lower castle. The upper castle is the oldest and highest part of the castle. There is the main defensive tower, the tower of homage, from which a wonderful view of the surroundings unfolds.

The middle castle is the largest and most complex part of the castle. It includes, among others, a palace, a chapel, warehouses, wells, and other rooms. The lower castle is the newest and most expanded part of the castle. It includes, among others, bastions, batteries, barracks, and other defensive elements. All parts of the castle are connected by walls, gates, and corridors.

Therefore, the Castillo de Peracense is a castle with a rich history and charm, which is worth visiting during a trip to Teruel. This castle is a witness to the changes that have occurred in the art and culture of this region over the centuries, and it preserves treasures that deserve admiration and respect.

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