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Museo Pedagógico de Aragón in Huesca

The Museo Pedagógico de Aragón is a modern and interesting facility, designed by José Luis Cano and opened in 2006. It is one of the few museums of this type in Spain, offering a rich and diverse collection of materials and documents related to the history and educational culture of Aragon. It is located in the city center, at Plaza de Luis López Allué, in the same building as the Tourist Information Office.

It has over 800 square meters of space, which includes four exhibition rooms that present a permanent and temporary collection of works and objects related to education and school in Aragon. Some of them include:

    • Room 1 is dedicated to childhood and teachers, the two basic elements of education. In this room, you can see various objects and documents that show how children lived and learned in Aragon, as well as how teachers worked and trained. In this room, you can see toys, games, clothes, books, textbooks, certificates, diplomas, photos, and films among others.
    • Room 2 is dedicated to politics and educational administration, the two factors that influenced the development and organization of the educational system in Aragon. In this room, you can see various objects and documents that show how laws, plans, programs, and educational standards changed in Aragon, as well as how educational institutions and organizations operated and developed. Here you can see legal acts, regulations, statutes, maps, posters, seals, and badges among others.

  • Room 3 is dedicated to method and educational resources, the two aspects that influenced the quality and effectiveness of the teaching and learning process in Aragon. In this room, you can see various objects and documents that show how different educational methods and techniques were applied and developed in Aragon, as well as how various resources and educational materials were used and created. Here you can see blackboards, chalks, pens, inks, notebooks, exercises, tests, awards, teaching aids, and multimedia among others.
  • Room 4 is dedicated to art and educational culture, the two dimensions that influenced the meaning and value of education in Aragon. In this room, you can see various objects and documents that show how various forms and manifestations of art and educational culture were expressed and promoted in Aragon, as well as how they were taught and learned about. Here you can see drawings, paintings, sculptures, graphics, photographs, films, songs, poems, stories, and essays among others.

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