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Fiesta San Lorenzo in Huesca

Fiesta San Lorenzo is the main patronal festival of Huesca, which is celebrated in honor of St. Lawrence, the patron saint of the city. It takes place from August 9 to 15 and is considered one of the most beautiful and vibrant in Spain. It has been recognized as a Festival of National Tourist Significance.

Fiesta San Lorenzo has its roots in the Middle Ages, when the city received the relics of St. Lawrence from King Alfonso I the Battler. This saint was a deacon and martyr, who died burned at the stake in Rome in 258 AD. His death took place on August 10, which is the day of his liturgical commemoration. Since then, Huesca honors his memory and asks for his intercession.

This celebration has many symbols and traditions that give it character and color. The most characteristic symbol is albahaca, or basil, which is a plant associated with St. Lawrence. People buy pots of basil and decorate them with ribbons and flowers. Then they carry them to the church of St. Lawrence, where they are consecrated and placed on the altar. Basil is supposed to provide health and happiness throughout the year.

Another symbol is the colors white and green, which are the colors of St. Lawrence. People dress in these colors and wear pañoletas, or scarves, which are tied around the neck. These scarves are also used to dance jota, a traditional Aragonese dance, which is an integral part of the fiesta. Jota is danced by people in regional costumes, as well as by folk groups, such as Danzantes de Huesca, dancers who perform ancient dances with swords, sticks, ribbons, and degollau.

Fiesta San Lorenzo has a rich and varied program, which offers entertainment for all tastes and ages. The program begins on August 9 at 12:00, when a chupinazo, or firework, is fired from the balcony of the town hall, signaling the start of the festival. Then there is a cabalgata, or parade, in which peñas, or associations, participate, which organize various activities and events. Peñas are a very important part of the fiesta, as they create an atmosphere of fun and brotherhood.

Fiesta San Lorenzo is an unforgettable experience that allows you to get to know and share the joy and faith of the people of Huesca. It is a festival that combines tradition and modernity, religiosity and secularism, respect and tolerance. It is a festival that invites participation and integration.

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