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Magdalena Festival

If you want to see what the biggest and most important festival in Castellón looks like, you cannot miss the Magdalena Festival, which takes place every year in March, in commemoration of the founding of the city. This festival offers a rich and diverse range of cultural, artistic, gastronomic, and entertainment offerings.

The Magdalena Festival is the main celebration of Castellón de la Plana, the capital of the province of Castelló, in Valencia, Spain. It recalls the beginnings of the city, commemorating the relocation of the city from the hill of Mary Magdalene to the fertile coastal plain in 1251. This festival lasts 9 days.

At the Magdalena Festival, you can also admire many traditional and symbolic elements that give it charm and character. It is worth paying attention to the following events:

    • La Romería de les Canyes: this is a pilgrimage to the Ermita de la Magdalena, where the chapel with the image of the city’s patron saint is located. This is the oldest and most attended event of the festival, which takes place on Sunday morning. Thousands of people participate in this event, dressed in folk costumes, carrying bamboo sticks decorated with flowers and ribbons. Folk groups, music bands, animals, and vehicles also participate in this event.
    • El Pregón: this is the official announcement of the beginning of the festival, which takes place on Saturday evening. The mayor of the city participates in this event, who gives a speech from the balcony of the town hall, surrounded by authorities and invited guests. Crowds of people also participate in this event, who greet the mayor and celebrate the beginning of the festival.

  • El Desfile de Gaiatas: this is a parade of lanterns, which are a symbol of the festival and the city. These are large structures made of metal and wood, illuminated and decorated with motifs related to the history and culture of Castellon. These are works of art that are created and presented by various districts and associations of the city. 19 gaiatas participate in this event, which are numbered and evaluated by a jury. Folk groups, music bands, dancers, and actors also participate in this event.
  • El Mascletà: this is a fireworks show, which takes place every day at noon. It is a spectacle of sound and color, which fills the Mayor square and surrounding streets. This event attracts crowds of people who admire and have fun with the fireworks. This event aims to express the joy and enthusiasm of the people of Castellon.

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