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Fiesta de San Frutos in Segovia

Segovia is a city rich in history and culture, which pays tribute every year to its patron saint, Saint Frutos, a hermit from the 7th century who lived in a nearby rock cave. The Fiesta de San Frutos is celebrated on October 25, but it starts a few days earlier, offering a variety of attractions for residents and tourists.

One of the most important events is the traditional pasacalles, or street parade, involving folkloric groups who, dressed in regional costumes, dance and play traditional instruments such as the dulzaina (a type of bagpipe) or tamboril (a small drum). The parade starts from the Church of San Millán and heads to Plaza Mayor, where a concert takes place and the Amigo de San Frutos award is presented to an individual or institution that has distinguished itself in promoting Segovian culture.

On the night of October 24 to 25, in the square in front of the cathedral, an extraordinary ceremony takes place related to the legend of Saint Frutos. According to it, when Muslims besieged the city in 1072, Saint Frutos descended from heaven and turned one of the pages of the book that lay on his grave, causing the city to expand and the enemies to flee.

Since then, every year, on the night before the feast, the Paso de la Hoja (Page Turning) brotherhood reenacts this miracle, turning a page of the book, which features a drawing depicting a scene from the saint’s life. The drawing is different each year and is made by a local artist. After turning the page, a hologram of Saint Frutos appears on the facade of the cathedral, and the crowd sings villancicos de otoño, songs dedicated to the patron saint.

On the morning of October 25, a solemn mass takes place in the cathedral, during which the choir performs villancico a San Frutos, composed by Segovian musician José María Martín Caro. Then, on Plaza Mayor, sopas del Santo are distributed, a soup made of bread, garlic, and paprika, prepared by the Segovian chefs’ association. The proceeds from its sale are donated to charitable causes. On the square, you can also admire a mushroom exhibition, organized by the Segovian Mycological Society, and participate in various games and contests.

Fiesta de San Frutos is an opportunity to get to know the traditions and culture of Segovia, as well as to enjoy its monuments, cuisine, and atmosphere. This festival, which combines faith, art, and joy, makes Segovia even more fascinating. Don’t miss this opportunity and join the Segovian fiesta!

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