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Casa Museo de Antonio Machado in Segovia

The Casa Museo de Antonio Machado is a building located in the historic center of Segovia, at Desamparados Street, 5. It is here that Antonio Machado spent 13 years of his life, from 1919 to 1932, working as a French language teacher at the Segovia Institute. During this time, he wrote many of his most important poetic works, such as Campos de Castilla, Nuevas canciones, and Poemas de la guerra. In this house, he also experienced many joys and sorrows, such as love for Guiomar, the death of his mother and brother, and the outbreak of the civil war.

The Casa Museo de Antonio Machado is a typical Segovian house from the 19th century, which served as a boarding house run by Luisa Torrego. Machado rented a room there for 3.50 pesetas a day, sharing it with other guests, such as students, teachers, officials, and travelers.

The house has retained its original decor and furniture from the era, such as the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms, and bathroom. In Machado’s room, you can see his desk, armchair, table, wardrobe, bed, as well as many personal items, such as books, letters, photos, documents, and a watch. On the walls hang portraits of the poet, made by various artists, such as Rafael Peñuelas, Pablo Picasso, Álvaro Delgado, and Jesús Unturbe.

The Casa Museo de Antonio Machado is not only a monument but also a symbol of literature and culture. Its construction and furnishings testify to the modesty and simplicity of Machado’s life, who was a man deeply connected with the people and the land. His history and collections show the evolution and richness of his poetry, which was a testament to his thoughts and feelings, as well as a reflection on the history and society of Spain. The Casa Museo de Antonio Machado is therefore a place worth visiting to learn about and admire a work of art that is a living testament to history and literature.

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